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4 years 2 months ago #2117922

Anyone else in the beta?

www.g2play.net/category/22903/black-dese...ed-beta-access-code/ bought a key from here for a couple $$

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4 years 2 months ago #2117923

I saw there was a beta and I tried to get one of the keys from the giveaway sites, but unfortunately I was too late -- didn't notice the giveaway until a few hours in so I didn't get one.

How is it? It looks really cool -- my biggest issue is that there isn't any healing in the game, or at least not a healing class, kind of like GW2. And that annoys me. I think to be able to go out and PvP in groups, with a healer.

4 years 3 days ago #2117926

Sinister will be playing BDO.

4 years 1 day ago #2117927

Hmm. I guess I'll look into it. I didn't pay much attention to it. Had some nice gfx and all that.

4 years 1 day ago #2117933

Looks cool. I hear it's kind of grindy and time intensive, but meh, not playing anything else right now. Will buy up a early access pack if I can.

4 years 1 day ago #2117935

Which pack you gonna get lil guy? If I buy one I'll probably just go ahead and get the $100 pack. Gonna ask Shrike if most of SiN is doing early start or what?