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Setup a forum for SW:ToR. I won't be playing till after the Holiday's since I'm going to be in Houston -- but it looks like we have chosen the server: Prophecy of the Five and we will be rolling on the Republic faction -- for anyone playing who wishes to join us.

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Feel free to use this thread to post your check-ins so people know who is on the server, and what your name is. I don't know if Nate and them are gonna setup a tag, and as I said, I won't be around till probably end of Dec/start of Jan to try and do anything.

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Name is Zipdrive.

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You guys have fun in Star Wars! I doubt I will ever play another MMO so I will not be seeing you in game.

Also, if anyone needs to get ahold of me the best place is my vent server.

v8.defconservers.com 4046 s1llyp@ss (sillypass)


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