emo Spawn Guide

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Yoinked from SiN's site.

Still need to turn my Screenshots into text, but this is almost all of the spawns on cairn.
Big ty to Kane for doing this too,

Spawns of Cairn:
Captian- ? Drop (Heh forgot to write this down.) SKin for 2x Bile, 4x Bone
Mutineer- 50g, R20 Bow, R20 1H Sword, 16 Arrows. Skin for 1x Bone 1x Zombie Corpseflesh (Q2)
9'18"E 30'19"S Bonecrew Mutineer/Captian 4 Spawn. Near a boat.
5'1"E 36'55"S Captians/Mutineer
10'27" 35'13" Bone Crew Mariners

Erodin-No drops. Skin for 20 Leather, 10x Darktaint or 5x Ichor 2xQ5 Eyes.
8'20" 35'15" Erodin
7'40" 35'10" Erodin
8'24" 35'24" Erodin
9'25" 30'31" Erodin
9'40" 30'60" Erodin
10'1" 31'50" Erodin

Crypt Guard- 40g, 6xAsh, 6xBone, 1xGem, R40 Staff, 1h Sword. Skin for ?
Severii Leigonaire- 30g 3xAsh 2xQ3Bone. Skins for ?
Archers- Drop R20 Bow/R10 1h Sword, 1xCloth, 2xBone, 5xArrows, 1xSapphire. Skin for ?
Dire Zombie- 18g, Less than 10 Sulfer, Resin, Bone. Skin for ?
Zombie Warrior- 10g, r0 Weapon. Skin for ?
Zombie- No drops Skin for 1xBile or 1xCOrpseflesh.
7'6"E 32'45"S Crypt Guard/Deadeye
8'11"E 31'0"S Severii Leigoneers/Archers. Can MM from the water.
9'2"E 31'54"S Just N of coords are 2+ Bone Knights.
9'34"E 32'8"S Just N are 3+ Dire Zombies
9'34''E 32'2'S' Dire zombies
8'56"E 31'47"S Bone knight/Deadeye
12'18"E 36'30"S Deadeye/Crypt Guard literally visable from town.
12'0"E 31'23"S Deadeye/Crypt guards.

10'3"E 35'37"S Drop- 14g 7xMandrake 4xSulfur 2xResin 3xBone 1xBerry 1xDagger. Skin for 1xQ1Shadow Crest or 1xQ2Dimstormrune.

Bloodknight- 420g, 30xnacre,20xSulfur,35xBone,1xR unestone. Skin for 5xQ4 Blood
Shadow Knight- 6xSulfur,12xAsh,15xBone,10xMan drake,6xResin,1xAlfar Clamore,Shield, FullPlate Piece. skin for 1xMetal Sparkstone, 10xStorm Runes, 1xElemental Stormrune.
9'26"E 34'45"S Bloodknight.
6'24"E 37'1"S Shadow Knight.

Obsidian golem- 20xStone, 10xGems. Skin for 20xSparkstone 1xNumen.
Lava Golem- 30xSulf,30xAsh. Skin for 20 Cinder.
Granite Golem- 10xCrystals,50xStone. Skin for 20xQuartz.
Leenspar Golem- Fuck that guy,Drops 1 Leenspar Ore. Skin for 1 Leenspar Ore?
Theryil Golem- 1xtheryil Ore. Skin 1xtheryil Ore,1x Metal Sparkstone.
Veilron Golem- 1xVeilron Ore. Skins for Sparkstone x10.
Dark Dragon- 666g 1xRunestone 20xGems,1xClear Mind Potion, 5xMajor Pots. Skin for 1xQ5bone.
9'6"E 33'2"S Theryil GOlem + Deathless mage tons of nodes.
8'26"E 36'13"S Granite Golem.
10'50"E 33'41"S Theryil Golem.
4'59"E 36'35"S Lava Golem

Minotaur Shaman- 180g,10xBone,10xAsh,20xDrake,5 xGems,5xSulfur,r40 Staff. Skin for 1xMinotaur Horn, 1xQ1Heart, 10xLeather, 1xHorn.
Minotaur Hero- 350g,10xBone,18xAsh,8xSulfur,r 40 Greataxe,Plate Gear. skin for 20xLeather 1xHeart.
Minotaur Brute- 180g,r30 polearm. Skin for 1xHeart, 1xHorn,1xQ4Minotaur Horn.
Minotaur King- 888g,Minotaur Gear,r30 Polearm,r40 Greataxe,5xMajor Pots,4xMeat,16xGems,5xBone,15x Sulf. Skin for 20xLeather.
8'25"E 34'16"S
8'20"E 34'19"S
8'49"E 35'54"S
11'9"E 34'28"S Multiple Minotaur spawns in buildings 3 total
5'42"E 35'4"S Multiple Minotaur
10'5"E 33'41"S Two Separate Mino Spawns
10'57"E 34'17"S
2'53"E 37'46"S
2'51"E 38'10"S
10'45"E 33'49"S
10'42"E 34'33"S
9'4"E 35'18"S
2'49"E 37'55"S Four Minotaur Spawn.

I'm told any spawn has a small chance to be a King instead of a Brute/Hero/Shaman.

Cairn Giants:
Cairn Giant- 420g,5xCarrot,20xStone,4xMeat, 5xTimber,Blue Bag,10xgems,5xrunestone,1xr30 club. Skin for 2xQ5Eye,5xQ3Giant Bone
8'45"E 30'57"S 3-4
8'46"E 31'11"S 1+
11'20"E 32'49"S N and S
11'34'E 31'4" S 3x
10'14''E 34'41''S 3-4
13'36"E 31'30"S
11'11"E 34'3"S

Infernal- 22xBone,8xDrake,10xSulf,12xAsh ,5xGems/2xMajor Pots. Skin for Darktaintx10, 1xNith and 5xLifeforce.
Earth Elemental-6xBone,2xNacre,10xDrake,5xSulf ,5xAsh,6xModerate Pots. Skin for 10xQuartz,1xNumen,2xElemental Quartz.
Elfshade- 150g,15xAsh,9xSulfer,6xMandrak e,3xResin,6xNacre. Skin for Q1Quint,2xQ3Darktaint.
Ghost- 65g,6xAsh,6xNacre,6xBone,6xRes in,6xSulfur. Skin for ?
Fire Elemental- 10xBone,20xSulfur,10xAsh,8xMan drake. Skin for 5xLifeforce,1xNumen,10xCinder, 5xElemental Cinder.
Stormgraive- 22xNacre,18xBone,10xAsh. Skin for ?
Fire Elemental: 10'54"E 33'21"S
Earth Elemental: 6'12"E 36'54"S
Earth Elemental: 8'49"E 35'10"S
Elfshades: 8'10"E 34'18"S
Infernal: 3'28"E 37'50"S

Drop- 1xRunestone. Skin for 25xDiamond,50xStone,1xQ5horn.
6'40"E 34'45"S
4'57"E 36'9"S
5'45"E 35'33"S

Sandscarab- 45g,2xPearl Skin for Iklit Venom Sacs and Q1Hearts.
Tombscarab- 300g,1xLobster,5xEmeralds. Skin for iklit venom sac.
Iklit- ? Skin for Iklit Venom Sac.
5'54"E 32'45"S Dungeon has Sand and Tomb Scarabs.
9'34"E 32'46"S SE are 4 Iklits.

Deathless Mage- 370g,16xNacre,14xAsh,32xBone 5xGolem Sparkstone/Golem Quartz. Skin for 1xQ5Fiend Claw or Q5Deathless Rune.
4'33"E 30'45'S' 2x Deathless Mages.
10'56"E33'57"S NE is one Deathless Mage in a tower.

Ogre Boss 35g 5 stone 6 leather 1 mod and a sack
Ogre Bully 5g 2 sacks 5 stone

Salamander ash+sulfur 3-6per skin for leather 1 reptile cinder q2
7'2"E 35S" Serpentines drop gemsx5 skin for 5x serpentine greenleaf Q5

Mehir Stoneguard 195g r40 weap mod pot skin for horn
Menhir Sentinal- 800g Full Plate r60 Weapon. Skin for Guardian Lifeforce and ?

Grey Ork Mauler 45g r40 bow r30 sword 16 arrows and decent shield skin for teeth and q3 blood
Grey Ork Assassin 826 3030-

Raven Guard:
Raven StandardV- 175g plate 3 major pots r40 weap r40 bow
Raven Standard Officer- 30 arrows hobgoblin armor 3 major pots 350g r40 weap r50 bow SKIN 5 q1blood
Raven Standard Grunt- r40bow arrows leather 75g good shield SKIN q4 shadowcrest, cinder
8'55"E 31'23"S Raven Standard Guard/Officer 4 Spawn, knock em on ground and melee down
8'55"E 32'10'S' Raven standard grunt
7'37"E 36'2"S Raven Standard Veteran's

Drop: ?
4'26"E 36'54"S

8'41"E 33'35"S Troll lords
9'40''E 35'57'S' Kolobld Raider 10g 5 arrows bow r0 mace
7'54"E 36'0"S Gnolls
Mayatin pearl/gems skin for 5 bile or 4 matayin clawns q3

7'25"E 33'4"S- Nithron Ruins.

10'31"E 33'27"S lots of wood/metal nodes
10'41"E 34'30"S 20ish trees.
12'6"E 33'16"S Tons of Stone
11'21"E 32'18"S Trees
13'52''E 32'41'S' Tons of trees/zombies
13'57"E 33'27"S Trees