emo GM (Frailty/Rend/Heal Other) Macro

10 years 6 months ago #39401

Okay, instead of posting code I just uploade the macro file to Saecula.com, so that way new people do not have to try and copy and paste they can just download the file and run it.


This macro will do the following:
Cast Rend on a target,
Cast Heal Other on that target,
Cast Frailty twice,
Repeat 5 times to run out your mana,
Rest for 55 seconds to regerate mana,

It also switches through weapons to ensure you use a new staff if the old one breaks. The only built in hotkey is "R", which must be set as your unsheathe button.

You must have the following items on your hotbar: A random weapon (anything but your staff), Your staff, Rend, Frailty, Heal Other, and Rest.

The macro will ask you for the hotkey numbers for each of these items.

You must start the macro with your weapon SHEATHED.

The timings are fairly accurate, if people have issues with lag let me know and I can show you how to tweak it (if you do not understand how)

This macro is probably pretty decent for anyone around 15 GM.