emo heal self + mm

10 years 6 months ago #39222

it will do 5 mana missles then 1 heal self... very conservative timings... ensures that people should not die, you can run into them while doing this, and every cast will use a staff correctly.

2 = random weapon
3 = staff
4 = mm
5 = heral self

HotKeySet("{DEL}", "Terminate")
WinActivate ("Darkfall Online")
Sleep (2000)

Dim $i

$i = 0

While True
	Send ("2")
    Sleep (1000)
	Send ("3")
    Sleep (1000)
    Send ("R")
    Sleep (1000)
	If $i < 5 Then
		Send ("4")
		$i = $i + 1
		$i = 0
	Sleep (1000)
	MouseClick ("Left")
	 Send ("R")
    Sleep (1000)
	;Sleep(24500) ;HEALR
	;3R4Sleep(2500) ;rend

Func Terminate( )
Exit 0

10 years 6 months ago #62641

I need to do this, but I never have anyone to cast on. =/

10 years 6 months ago #62642

I think Im gonna buy another acct. I havent been able to macro in like 3 nights cause there is never anyone to macro on. everyone is already taken. :(

10 years 6 months ago #62664

yah same probs here, plus i wouldn't have to feel bad when i kill vid and break his macro =/

10 years 6 months ago #62734

I R a macro noob...Can some explain in detail how to get this(or any other macro) to work. I have autoit downloaded and installed. I managed to do that Help. TY!

10 years 6 months ago #62760

Okay, so what you do is load up SciTE Script Editor (it installed with AutoIt, check the folder in Windows it installed to).

Next, take the code you see that Driath posted above, and copy it, and then paste it into the SciTE window and save it (I named mine healmm for example, so now I have a file named healmm.au3)

Now, as long as "R" is your key to sheath and unsheathe your weapon, all you do it setup things how he stated above (Slot 2 must be a random weapon, slot 3 must be a staff, slot 4 must have mana missile, and slot 5 must have heal self) -- if everything is setup like this, then all you do is make sure you do not have your weapon unsheathe, do into "shooter" mode (meaning there is no mouse, the non-GUI mode), then double click healmm.au3 (or whatever you called it), tab back to the Darkfall Window, and let it go. That should do it.