emo Darkfall NA Server + New expansion

10 years 1 month ago #61945

my name is Vidmaster SOB in game

still figuring out what im doing cause I didnt even get to play beta since server was never up when I got free time ot play

10 years 1 month ago #61953

Is this worth getting? Or is it another Age of conan disaster?

10 years 1 month ago #61968

It is better than AoC. It isn't for everyone tho, it has a huge learning curve, and it is different from any other MMO really. There are no levels, it is free form, everything is skill based. So you work on whatever skills you want by using them. You can download the game and take a look at my account or something, see if it would interest you.

10 years 1 month ago #62924

Are yall still kickin it on NA?