emo Darkfall NA Server + New expansion

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The Human/Elf/Dwarf alliance is probably a good pick. Gives us 3 choices of race without worrying about alignment right off the bat.

I say we keep our goals simple, get a house built somewhere and focus on small group pvp. If we get anxious for some of the major 3-400+ player wars, I'm sure SiN would have us along to satiate our need for mass violence. heh.

And with Nate, the master afker, we shouldn't have to worry much about getting our skills up, he'll figure out a way to do it with little to no effort. lol

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This sounds interesting....

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We're all playing human so far, anyone you see ingame with the last name SOB is probably one of us.

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I bought Taming skill today so once I get another 200g for the whistle i need, I'll start making mounts. Have 3 steedgrass atm so 3 mounts should be ready today.

Nate I think you said you wanted to do herbalism/alchemy right?

Driath is going to do Bowyer so we can have a steady stock of arrows and bows.

We'll still need an armor and weapon crafter. Repair skill doesnt work for equipment, only buildings, ships, warhulks so not useful for us.

So far we have: Me, Nate, Driath, Sling, Rel and Lamp all ingame. Schwan and Pindle may be coming next. We can always use more people, its a really good time so far, driath and I had a blast hunting today.

Once we've all got our first trade skill we should probably save up the 2k for guild tag. Also going into the capital city today to check on price of cottage deeds. I found an island that would be pretty cool for us to use that has a village on it.

Finally, yes its true I'm not very good at arranging my thoughts into a sensical manner... What of it.

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Ah you sons of bitches now I want to play again.

One thing you should consider is that Macroing in a player city is much safer and you will gain skill faster.

BTW I just got the game for NA - I will be named Calixto