emo Darkfall NA Server + New expansion

10 years 10 months ago #61080

I really liked Darkfall. It was a blast.

I am having a hard time going back to it though because it is such a grind and the higher level skills really make you significantly better. I still have an account on EU-1 but not interested in playing there again with all the high end chars.

The patch does seem to fix a lot of the issues but without a hard cap on skills its all just a grind fest to achieve the best char and since there is no limit you are skill grinding (Macroing) forever.

The crew I played EU-1 with are staying until they can transfer which I am not interested in so if there ends up being enough people to play with I may just pick it up.

What was your plan as far as a guild?

10 years 10 months ago #61087

They increased the rate you gain skills I think. You dont HAVE to get every skill to max to be able to compete. The skills you do need you can macro just like UO.

The game is only a grind if you make it one by telling yourself you need to max every skill before you can do anything.

As far as a guild, not sure how many people are interested yet. Its something new and thats good, people have to be getting sick of the current MMOs and its the best full loot game since UO.

10 years 10 months ago #61090

You have a point..however I had 2 accounts one a bot for farming and my main.

I played solid for about 2 months and was decently high for that time approaching the good spells. If you had low melee/archery/and only Magic Missile you had no chance in PvP because with masteries I do twice your dmg.

Only reason I stopped was because I got banned. I did see that they made gains off of PvE much higher along with the introduction of the books that boost your skills that is pretty significant.

My main question really is who are you going to play with? I don't want to be in a Zerg and I don't want to play with 5 people who rarely get on :P

10 years 10 months ago #61091

If we don't have enough that want to play I would tag with an active group big enough to be able to seige etc. I don't want to play with only 5 people either that all play at different times.

I know SIN is going full force into the NA server so, maybe them.

10 years 10 months ago #61096

I was thinking you would say SIN. They cheesed it up on EU-1: Joined a Zerg and holed up on an island where there was no PvP.

I was really unimpressed with there actions in EU-1. I have no desire to join an alliance that makes up half a server and be bored as shit with skilless dimwits. If they plan on actually fighting and warring this time around it should be fun.

10 years 10 months ago #61098

I really cant say for sure who Im going to tag with until we see what the server is going to be like. I definatly want pvp and seiging though, I'll tag with whoever can bring me that.