emo Last minute roll call...

7 years 2 weeks ago #140993

I replied sir.

7 years 2 weeks ago #140994

PS -- for anyone who does show up on the server and wants to tag or find me, I'm Nothxu.

7 years 2 weeks ago #140995

I am thinking about getting it. If wife allows. let me know what server yall are on.

EDIT: Got it but don't know what server to start on.

7 years 1 week ago #140997


6 years 11 months ago #141003

Hey what server you guys on? Also I need vent info. Thx :sign17:

6 years 11 months ago #141007

The handful of us that are actually playing (not many) are on Northern Shiverpeaks -- I'm going to try and pick back up and start playing again, but I'm also playing WoW. Plus working, plus trying to get a skin up for our site so it's not so plain and ugly anymore. lol Vent info is ventrilo.saecula.com port: 3812 pw: sob042