emo Last minute roll call...

7 years 10 months ago #140982

I'll be on Fort Aspenwood. Some rl friends, Azalin and GoD are going to be on there. I figured worst case if we end up on diff server we can still PVE / PVP together with guesting/premades, we'd just not be able to WVW. I think that is how it works at least.

7 years 10 months ago #140983

Cool. Not sure where we're headed yet. Waiting for DDH to make their decision currently.

7 years 10 months ago #140984

Im playing.

7 years 10 months ago #140985

you picked a server yet Tyr? Ill PM you anyways -- figure you're prolly on Aspenwood with GoD though

7 years 10 months ago #140986

definitely not playing with GoD. You may be thinking of someone else. Only UO people ive played anything with in a while is nirv, other than that the free server wow with you a while back, and then LS wow for me amongst doc people etc...

7 years 10 months ago #140987

I originally planned on playing on Ft. Aspenwood, but its going to be a lolrolled server. I don't think we lost a single hour of W3 in any BWE. I'll join you guys wherever.